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Why I (maybe you too) Suck at the Holidays….

Just 90 days after giving birth to my daughter, I planned on attending my year high school reunion. With my profession, I was in a better shape in my late 20s than I could ever imagine as a high school senior.

I made a plan for those 3 months to exercise {safely of course!} and eat clean. I wanted to look and feel good when I saw my high school classmates, most of them for the first time since we graduated.

I wore a pre-baby outfit comfortably, I hit my goal. My three month postpartum self felt victorious.

Thanksgiving came and went immediately followed by Christmas and New Year’s.

Well, in January my clothes felt tighter. I finally stepped on a scale and realized I weighed more on that day than the day I came home from the hospital!!


How did this happen? I was so strict with my plan for those 90 days. The next day on Thanksgiving I remember telling myself, I hit my goal so pass that second piece of pie which pretty much became my motto for the next 6 weeks.

The answer: I was living reactively versus intentionally.

Reactive: No intentions or plan; Determined by our surroundings

After hitting my original goal, I did not set any intentions for the holidays. I called it a “free for all” as a reward for being so disciplined for 3 months.

What’s most important gets lost depending on what’s literally pulling on us demanding our attention immediately. Kids want to decorate cookies. Friends want to have a few cocktails. The word “no” becomes increasingly difficult to say.

Intentional: Setting the tone; Preventing future problem

I wrote a plan and stuck by it. I scheduled my workouts. I planned out my meals.

During the Holidays, routines, scheduled workouts, and healthy eating gets thrown out the door. We react to our friends and family, their togetherness and the plethora of food that surrounds us.

I love this time of year. It’s my absolute favorite so I understand the “but it’s Christmas, Courtney!” The past few years, I am getting better at enjoying myself and remembering my goals and hard work from the previous 10.5 months. It’s a balance all planned out ahead of time.

How many cheat meals this week?

Are you going to have dessert after every family meal?

How many times are you going to workout?

Do you have your workouts scheduled?

How many adult beverages each week?

I’m not saying the days will go perfect, because they will not, but there will be purpose behind your action. Somewhere or someone in the back of your head will be there to remind you that you really do not need that second Christmas cookie.

So what are your plans for this Holiday Season?

“There is enormous magic in the tiny word do. When we tell ourselves, “I’ll do it,” we unleash tremendous power. That act forges in us a chain of personal responsibility that ups our game: a desire to excel plus a sense of duty plus complete aliveness plus total dedication to getting done what has to be done. That equals commitment” – John Maxwell Intentional Living 
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