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Grit Fit & Wellness accommodates men & women of all fitness levels in comfortable and supportive environment. Working with a passionate and certified professional provides accountability and sustained perseverance towards reaching your health and wellness goal!

The Grit Team


Sports + Exercise have played two big roles in my life. For as long as I can remember, I played outside, chasing basketballs and riding bikes. I battled through body image issues all through high school. Every prom dress or bathing suit shopping experience ended in tears. In college, I worked all summer in order to hire a personal trainer. It changed my entire world. I gained confidence, energy and a passion for improving my fitness + wellness. As I continued to grow stronger and faster, people took notice and began asking for help….And I haven’t looked back since…

Courtney is a Certified Personal Trainer with ACE (American Council on Exercise) since 2009. She also holds certifications in TRX Group Suspension StrongFirst Kettlbell and her Level 1 Titlest Performance Institute focusing on golf fitness.


I got started working out, because like a lot of people, I wanted to get in shape, but always wanted to do it the easy way, i.e. crash diets. Since I have been with Grit Fitness, I have changed not only physically, but also mentally. I have gained muscle and knowledge. It’s not just working out, but also eating clean. I am stronger and faster than I have ever been in my life. I have been exercising for 5 years and consistently for the past 2 years. I get up every morning and mindlessly drive 45 minutes to workout. It’s my lifestyle change; I don’t think about it, I just do it. I want to live a long healthy life, and look good doing it.


Fitness and athletics have been a part of my lift since I was 4 years old. My true love has always been playing baseball, playing into college. My fitness journey really began after I had knee surgery sophomore year of college and gained almost 60 pounds in two months. I couldn’t stand the way I looked so fitness became my top priority. Since then I have made the most drastic changes with my body. Throughout my life I’ve become stronger and bigger not only in strength and muscularity, but also in terms of mentality, hard work, and dedication. 

Now I challenge myself every day to become better in some aspect of my life. Whether that’s with my personal training, my diet, or as a person in general. As a personal trainer not only do I make it my goal to help others physically, but instill confidence and inspiration into everyone that comes to me for help. 

“Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who work and hustle”


Playing sports my entire life had me constantly around the gym, but growing up, I never really knew what I was doing in there. I played college golf at Trevecca University & Austin Peay State University.  My senior season I decided to start researching and working out on my own to help my performance on the golf course. I ended up falling in love with the process.

Working out reminds me a lot of golf in how it’s always a constant process of improvement. After chasing a professional golf career came to an end, lifting became my favorite hour of my day. I still felt the competition with myself in the same way sports always did.

I made a lot of mistakes in the gym when I first started and my goal as a coach is to help people stay healthy, improve and reach their goals while avoiding those same mistakes I made! 

Tyler is a Level 1 TPI Certified Coach. 



My fitness journey started at a young age. I played sports growing up which naturally led me to participate in team workouts and conditioning sessions throughout my adolescent and teenage years. During college, I let my health fall by the wayside (don’t ask me about all the cheeseburgers I ate at 2am ). I started working at the campus recreation center during my junior year and fell back into a regular fitness routine. After college, I continued with the traditional weights and cardio routine, but something was lacking. I lost self-motivation.

I started attending GRIT classes in April 2018. I immediately felt welcomed and like I was part of a tight-knit family. I fell in love with group fitness classes. My 5am friends have truly played key roles in helping me to grow stronger, both physically and mentally. Since being at GRIT, I’ve learned to have ownership and accountability over my personal health. I’ve regained my motivation, learned to have self-discipline, AND to allow myself some grace. I certainly am not perfect…I still enjoy ALL THE breads and desserts, but, I have a clearer understanding of why taking care of my health is so important. I enjoy leading an active lifestyle and I know laying that foundation now will allow me to continue doing the things I love as I get older.

As I move forward in this new role, I hope to provide you with positive and satisfying experiences at GRIT. Exercise does not have to be a daunting task – let’s make it fun! Ya’ll know I love a good GRIT game! I will aim to meet you on your level and provide support and encouragement to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Fun facts:
I hold a M.S. in Speech and Hearing Sciences. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist by trade 

I’m getting married to Lane in October 2021!

I have four animals (not including my fiancé) at home. Noodle, my miniature long-haired dachshund, is my BABY and you’ll likely hear me talk about her an excessive amount.