Grit Fitness & Wellness, established in 2011.

We are a boutique personal training studio in Clarksville, Tennessee made up of passionate fitness & wellness professionals who go above and beyond for their clients in a world-class positive & professional environment. We also offer group fitness, online workouts, and corporate wellness program.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that anyone, no matter their age, shape, size or skill level, can achieve their highest fitness goals & drastically improve their quality of life. All it takes is a little gritGrit is the reason why some people gut out that last series of sit-ups in boot camp while others flop on the floor when the burn really kicks in. Grit entails working strenuously toward challenges & maintaining effort & interest despite failure, adversity & plateaus. While some people cut their losses when faced with disappointment, those with grit stay the course.