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GRIT Golf is the answer to better scores for everybody.

My game has become more consistent through increased flexibility, more muscle stability, and distance gains. It’s easier to get loose before a quick 9 and my body holds up better on a days I may play 36.

Courtney provides every opportunity for me to be successful.  She’s always prepared and makes it easy for me to get to the gym more often. Whether you’re a high school golfer striving for a scholarship or a weekend warrior looking to beat your buddies, GRIT Golf will help you achieve your goals.


At the age of 14, my body always had aches and pains with the amount of golf I played. I never liked the way my body looked or felt playing. Since training with GRIT, I have more confidence in my overall strength and rotational ability. I’m no longer afraid to swing with 100%  effort with fear or concern of injury. They don’t just train you here. They take care of you and make sure you feel your best day in and day out. You can stretch, talk or workout. It’s more than just a gym.


I have worked with Courtney and Grit Golf for almost five years.  With her TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) training my golf game has improved in all areas…distance, power, and balance. I believe recovery from a recent illness affecting my mobility was shortened due to the overall improvement of my quality of life and health from training. 


I’ve accomplished many things since I have been with GRIT! I am overall stronger which helped my swing speed Most importantly, my golf mentality and attitude has improved as well. 

I have never found somewhere that makes me feel as at home as working with Courtney. She always has the most positive attitude and always strives to be her best! Although she has a busy life outside of GRIT, she always makes sure her golfers are ready to get better each and everyday. 

This place has taught me how to be more disciplined, to work when I sometimes don’t want to and that each day is another day to get stronger. Grit truly makes you feel like you are part of a family! 

An evidence-based, educational pathway designed to increase player performance.