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Are You Dedicated This December?

I hear it all of the time, “I just follow the 80/20 Rule”.

What does that even mean? 80% of what? How do I even measure it? 

For the longest time, my clients would struggle in December. The worst part? They became extremely discouraged in January and would want to give up after previous months of hard work. I wanted to create a simple, easy to follow program for this overwhelming month. 

Enter the 80/20 Rule. I found a way to measure this notorious weight loss rule. 

There are 10 daily, healthy rules to follow.

1 64oz of water
2 Eat a real breakfast 
3 2 fruit servings
4 2 vegetable servings 
5 Healthy protein at every meal & snack
6 Avoid eating out
7 No BAD liquid calories (Starbucks, Wine etc.)
8 No food after 8PM
9 Food Journal

Your daily goal? Hit 8 out of 10.

I know what you are thinking…but what if I go to a Holiday Party where I NEED to drink a glass of wine, they order out food and it doesn’t get served until 8PM? 

There are 31 days in December. I throw out Christmas entirely which makes this challenge last 30 days. 

80% of 30 days, 24 days of hitting at least 8 out of your 10 daily goals. 

This will be our third year of Dedicated December. Clients not only lose weight, but most of them continue to lose weight following this now understandable 80/20 rule. 

The best part? If you hit 80% of the days in December and lose just 1 pound, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE month of training with me. 

Perfect for those post Holiday blues 🙂

Email info@gritfitwellness.com for a print out of Dedicated December.