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Somebody’s Gotta Case of the Mondays…

It sneaks up on you like the end of Summer or if you’re like me, every year after the age of 30….Monday morning. How did we get here again? Where did the weekend go? Several months ago, I had enough. I hated Mondays and I wanted that to change. I decided to come up with a plan.

Yes, planning. We plan for amazing vacations, surprise birthday parties, or date nights without the kids. Teachers plan lessons, executives plan meetings and even trainers plan workout programs. All important things in life take some kind of preparation.

Except Monday.

For the longest time, I felt like I was “winging” my Monday and as a result, also my entire week.

I changed a few things up to make my week more productive:

1) Sunday naps and/or “but its my only day to sleep in” had to go.

I was dragging on Monday morning. I knew exactly why, I would lay wide awake at night looking at the clock. If I fall asleep now, I will get 7 hours. One hour passes, ok now I really need to fall asleep…Of course after the perfect, accidental 3 hour nap, whoops!

I love me some Sunday naps, but it was something I knew if I could give up, I would be better off in the long run.

2) Planning my week on paper.

When my alarm goes off on Sunday (yes an alarm on Sunday, gasp), the first thing I do is head to my desk and write down all I want to accomplish in the next week. The mental clarity of seeing it all, eliminates the sometimes chaotic nature of Monday mornings.

3) Lay everything out the night before.

Confession time.

I wear workout clothes every day. Yoga pants + sports bra + tank top…I am good to go. Some mornings it would take me ten minutes to get dressed. Why? Staring at my workout clothes and deciding what to wear on some mornings felt along the same lines as picking my major in college.

Clothes out the night before, boom, I just shaved 9 minutes off my morning.

Meals planned & packed/Packed backpack/Packed work bag also save an insane amount of time

4) Choosing your thoughts wisely

Monday *grumble*

We all roll our eyes, drag ourselves out of bed, and think only 5 more days until the weekend. Your thoughts are more powerful than you know.

I came across this quote:

“I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness”.

It took me a few months, but I took the dread away from Monday mornings. Go ahead and kick me when I say, I actually love Mondays. Its a fresh start on your exercise program, your diet, your family time, your goals etc.

Heck, the weekend does not last forever, we all know that, but we avoid thinking and planning for the upcoming week. Planning ahead, planning my thoughts, and planning to get a good night sleep on Sunday makes “the case of the Mondays” actually a good thing.