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Didn’t follow your diet perfectly?

…good! It means you’re human.

Grit Fitness & Wellness just wrapped up their July Monthly Nutrition Challenge. For the challenge, we picked 1 diet program (Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, 21 Days + 21 Foods Challenge) to follow.

This morning I heard a lot of “I had good intentions” or  “I did great for the first week” in response to the post challenge follow-up.

The challenge served a dual purpose for me. I love to motivate my clients, but this month in particular I need some motivation as well. At the end of the month, I needed to finally replace my 2 year + head shots for my business.

It was go time. Until it wasn’t {Remember the pizza incident?}.

Every Saturday I promised myself to do better. Every Saturday I caved just a little, usually with some kind of dessert. What can I say? It’s my weakness. This month proved to be a busy month full of friends and togetherness. I felt blessed to be around amazing people each weekend. I enjoyed the moment.

But I got back on track every Sunday.

My month of July fit the 80/20 rule perfectly. 25 Good Days vs 6 Bad Days.

Have a bad day.
Eat some ice cream.
Miss a workout.
Feel frustrated.

…but never give up.

And my photos?

I will take it. Sure I could have been perfect, but I did my best. More importantly I kept fighting & refused to give up.