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Why We Fail.

Miss our call last night? Never fear, here’s what we discussed:
Does this sound like you?
Raise your hand if I hit it right on the head. 
*Courtney raises hand* 
I’ve been there and I am here to tell you it’s ok to fail, but we need to learn from failing, fail again and hopefully fail better. 
The secret to avoid failure? Decide your goals and take those actions steps every.single.day. 
Now the million dollar question, how do you create that routine? Easy! You track it. Yes, write it down on paper or on any one of those fancy phone apps. 
Some tracking journal or app options:
Phone App: 


Grit Fitness & Wellness Journal $9
After spending the last year reading, researching and listening to podcasts of successful trainers, athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, etc., I noticed 1 thing, they all had in common…tracking! They write their goals down and record those steps needed to achieve said goal. 
I am a tracker as a result from my research. I want to be successful. When I look at why I do what I do, three words come up:
Badass, Mom & Example. 
These are the things I track daily to be those 3 things:
Every Sunday, for the past 6 months, I write down 5 goals. To date, that is 120 goals. I failed to reach my goal nearly 40 times. Forty times! 
So let me be the first to tell you, its ok to fail. As long as you keep improving. Our eyes immediately go to the failing 40 times, not the fact that I hit 80 of those goals. 
I guess you can say, either way, I am better off health, fitness & business wise than 10 years ago:
Are you overwhelmed yet? Don’t be! When I say the word “goal” where does your mind go? Do you want to improve the way you look? The way you feel? Your work life? 
Decide what areas you would like to track. It’s all about progress, not perfection. You might fail on a few goals. Learn from it. Keep moving forward.
A few months ago, my assistant Megan and I started a workout journal. For the past 60 days, I logged my workouts. As you see below, I missed almost 13 days of working out/logging, not to mention 4 terrible workouts. You know those kind of workouts where you question why are you even doing this? Yeah, those ones.
But as I scroll to my wins, I realize why I workout. Those areas of improvement push me. Man, do they ever motivate me. If I did not track my exercises, I do not think I would see any improvement. To see it on paper, now there’s the motivation. 
So now is the hard part…START!
Write 5 new goals or habits for the upcoming week. On Sunday (or Monday morning) review. 
Are you making progress? Are you spending time on the right things?