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Seasons Change

This week past week I was searching for a picture of my daughter. I cringed as I came across these pictures.

I immediately did a double take. Wait, that is me! I remember attending a conference in September of 2013, barely 8 weeks after delivering my daughter.

I also remember that exact same morning I looked in the mirror and felt great about my post-baby body. Fast forward three years later, I laughed and reminded myself I just had a baby. The picture? My first true workout in 8 weeks.

Everyone comes across a picture they find “cringe” worthy, especially my moms. Pregnant moms approach me all the time with questions along the lines of “How long did it take to get your body back”. My honest answer? I really do not remember, I just remember embracing that specific season of my body, the season of a new mother.

My weight and body has fluctuated plenty over the years. Yes, I have never stopped moving. However I have battled injuries, holidays, family death, and babies with the best of them. Exercise wasn’t in my top 5 priorities during these times.

You may not be where you are at or you may not look the way you did at one time in the past, but its just a season. Seasons change.

I needed to take care of my newborn first. I was a nursing, full-time working momma. I embraced that role.

Last June, we lost a loved one way too soon. Family and good food beat out working out most days for nearly a month.

Earlier this year I needed to nurse a MCL injury. My pants felt a little tighter, however, I appreciated my body more than ever for “hanging in there” during my lack of exercise.

Those all trumped looking the part of a trainer. I knew I would find my way back. I usually do.

Trust the process. Your process.

Trust the journey. Your journey.

Just keep moving forward.