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The Worst Calories: HYDRATE

…liquid calories. 

While reading through some of my client’s food journals, I came across this little bit:

Starbucks – Grande Caramel Frapaccino 16 fl oz 410cal 66carb

64g sugar

Every single fitness professional can get on their soapbox and list the many, many reasons as to why it’s probably not the best choice. 

64g of added sugar? Pretty much encouraging formation of new fat cells.

Bob Harper wrote in Skinny Rules, “Humans are simply not built to consume liquid calories. ‘Humans may lack a physiological basis for processing carbohydrate or alcoholic calories in beverages'”

My favorite drink of choice? Water. I love it. I drink it in the morning, while I workout, at lunch and during dinner. I tell my clients daily, it’s all I drink!

So you can imagine my surprise this past month, when I actually sat down and measured my water intake for the day. 



How is that possible? It’s the only thing I drink. 

I now know why! Like everything else in health and wellness, heck even life, I did not keep track or hold myself accountable. 

For the next 7 days, I challenged myself to actually write down my water intake.

I bought this at the store and added a few lemons, cucumbers and some mint:

83 ounce water pitcher. 

Challenge: Drink the entire pitcher in a 24 hour period. 

I noticed an immediate difference in my eating habits (I felt fuller longer), my energy, my skin and my stomach felt flatter. 

I always ask my campers & clients, “Did you drink enough water today?”. There is usually a hesitation, followed by a “I think so”.

After tracking for 7 days, there is no “think so”. You will definitely know so!

If you think you are drinking enough water, truth is you are probably not, unless you are tracking the number of ounces via water bottle or heck a cleaned out milk jug similar to what fitness models carry around with them. 

I know, I know…but how much Courtney?

2 “rules” floating around in the fitness community:

1) 1/2 body weight in ounces (minimum 64 oz)

2) Mayo Clinic now suggests 11 8oz glasses

Challenge for this week: Record your water

Notice the changes. 

How far off were you from your daily goal of water intake?