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Boot Camp Challenge & My Fitness Pal 101

I registered for a Boot Camp Challenge Session!

Now what….

Few Tips Before You Start:

1) Water will be your best friend. It might not be a bad idea to purchase a 20-40oz water bottle

If you plan on attending a evening class, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. How much? Great question answered here: http://gritfitandwell.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-worst-calories-hydrate.html

2) Exercise Mat and/or dumbbells. We don’t encourage the purchase of much equipment, but if you have these two items, you can workout wherever! Your Pilates Mats/Exercise mats are usually thicker if you are looking for extra support.

Dumbbells- Beginners (5-8lbs) Intermediate (10-12lbs) Advanced (15-25lbs)

3) Eating. If you do not eat a good breakfast, lunch, snack etc. or if you decide to skip all of the above and attend a 5:30PM class, you might be seeing stars before the warm-up ends.

Early mornings- I always suggest a little something, something before a 5AM or 6AM boot camp. A handful of almonds or nuts, 1/2 piece of fruit or 1/2 protein bar, 1/2 toast + peanut butter, not much.

Evenings- A GREAT breakfast (protein, veggies, fruit, complex carb), great lunch (protein, veggies, complex carb) and a snack (protein, fruit, complex carb) 1-2 hours beforehand will help provide the much needed energy to make it through your first few classes.

One of the best and most unique features of our program: Ongoing Nutritional Guidance which means…food journaling!

There are many, many benefits to journaling your food.

Boot Camp Challenge prefers myfitnesspal.com or the myfitnesspal app.

If you have another journaling too that you are more comfortable with, that is fine, as long as you are journaling.

MyFitnessPal 101:

  • Website. Yes, using the app to log food makes life easier, however we do suggest logging onto the website first to navigate through MyFitnessPal.
  • Add Courtney, username courtmam as a Friend
  • Click on Settings under My Home tab
    • Profile Privacy Settings
      • Friend Only View OR
      • Password Protected (if you prefer more privacy)
    • Update Diet Profile
      • Change the settings to fit your profile
      • YES, you need to be eating more than 1200-1400 calories a day
    • Update Diary Settings
      • Nutrients tracked: We want these nutrients selected- Carbs, Protein, Fat, Sodium, Sugar
  • TRACK FOOD! MyFitnessPal makes it convenient to look up food and keep your frequent and most recent foods saved.
  • To Print/Share (website only)
    • When it comes time to turn in food journals
      • Click on “Diary”
      • Bottom of page is a Orange Tab “View Printable Diary”
      • Select Date Range
      • Print or Send link via email or Export to PDF & attach in email
  • Optional
    • Update Profile with pictures & goals
    • Input Exercise (consider BCC= Circuit Training)
    • Food or Exercise Notes
    • Update Weight & Measurements

Other information needed before starting a Boot Camp Challenge Session:

  • Consent Waivers
  • Health History
  • DR Release if needed
  • MEASUREMENTS- no one wants to be measured/body fat tested in the beginning, but its a great way to track progress!
  • Assessments- Push-ups, sit-ups and 1 mile run.

Your trainer will always be available outside of class so please do not hesitate to ask questions, share concerns and be ready to work hard.