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Upcoming GRIT Programs

Play ball. 

Stretch it out.

Get your lift on. 

We’re so excited for these upcoming GRIT programs where our passionate trainers focus on their area of expertise. 
Cole has been working non-stop with baseball players aged 7-20 years old since he arrived at GRIT over 3 years ago. With college baseball experience, no one relates better to these athletes on the balance of strength, performance and mobility. 

I am extremely biased on this one, but I hired Amanda before my wedding to get in shape. Little did I know how stinking good she was with her clients recovery after their workout. I looked forward to our stretching sessions almost as much as the workouts. I can go on and on about her passion for this area of fitness. 

And last, but certainly not least, Tammy Hall. I find myself staring at her clients in awe of their strength progress. I swear you can always find her clients by their toned arms & legs. If you’re looking for a personal trainer to add strength, she is definitely your girl.