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November Grit Trainer Challenge

If you made me pick my favorite monthly challenge, without a doubt, it would be our November Trainer Challenge. 


1) Habits.

Start on them now! The habits we fall into these next few weeks will be instrumental in how we handle the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving + Christmas. Most of us fall into that Halloween trap and don’t recover until after New Years. 

2) Accountability. 
The number one reason we hire trainers? To hold us accountable. To make us show up when we don’t really want to workout. To check in on us. This challenge will assign you a trainer who will be watching you 😉

3) The best.

Without any doubt, our gym houses some of the best trainers in the area. Their knowledge and passion for training cannot be beat. 

4) Competition. 

Most of us seem to thrive with a little friendly competition. Over the years, these trainer teams work together to achieve big goals with their fitness & wellness. 

There is still time to sign up 🙂 

Register for our monthly challenge here
[Open to non-members] 

The Rules:

15 Grit Memers Per Trainer

5 Non-Members Per Trainer 

Assessment Week 10/30-11/6. 

Assessments include- 

Body Fat



Total Average Number Wins!