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Operation Get Your SH*T Together

I may have fallen off the wagon. Actually its more like the wagon is speeding around a sharp curve at 85mph and I fall flat onto my face.

This entire year I had a “game plan” for my workouts & nutrition. I planned on preparing for a fitness competition August-October. What happened? As you know, plans change. The prep has been postponed and my eating habits and exercise routine could be described as less than desirable (understatement).

It is now time for me to get it back! How? Where do I start?

And here is the problem; I want to immediately move mountains after losing my momentum these past few weeks. I remember at one point I told myself…”I am going to run 3 miles tomorrow to burn this off”.

I could barely read to my daughter without getting out of breath last week.

What is my plan?


1)   Start small


I have said it before and will say it over and over again, change occurs in your daily habits. Pick 1 thing to get better at this week. Perfect that 1 thing then add another.


Every single morning I will eat a healthy breakfast full of greens, protein, fiber & healthy fats and listen to at least 10 minutes of a podcast.


My favorite podcast: https://lewishowes.com/


My favorite smoothie: http://bewellbykelly.com/bewellsmoothie/


2)   Plan it out


After 1 full day of feeling sorry for myself, I took out my calendar and grocery list and planned my workouts & meals.


Its simple, but my food choices & workouts are always better by writing it down.


3)   Get a good sweat with a workout buddy


Sure, I don’t mind working out alone, but nothing, I mean nothing compares to sweating alongside your workout buddy.


Do it now. Schedule a workout with a friend our group.


4)   Embrace the suck


Yeah, I am not going to lie. This will suck at first.


It gets better, it always does.