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Kettlebell Swings Workout: How to know if you’re doing exercises right.

The Exercise I Constantly See Done Wrong.

The kettlebell swing. I love the power and total body movement from the swing, but also cringe when I see it done incorrectly. With our speciality in group training, I knew I not only needed, but wanted to spend more time on this exercise. So I went ahead and brought in reinforcements to break down the techniques of the kettlebell swing. This past Saturday, Grit Fitness & Wellness welcomed StrongFirst (The gold standard in kettlebell training education) Master Trainer, Kenton Boutwell.



Kenton spent more than a half hour providing simple, but effective tips to a full class to keep our clients safe & strong.

Some of his tips:

1) Master the Deadlift

Maintain neutral spine
Feet shoulder width apart
Tense glutes & stand tall

2) Quality, not quantity.

Practice 1 swing at a time.
Set kettlebell down after each swing, once mastered, practice repetitive swings

We are excited to bring Kenton back in September to Grit Fitness & Wellness.