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“OMG Courtney, you were fat!”

…well not really. But of course my boot campers did not believe me when I told them I use to struggle with eating right & exercising. And they NEVER believe me when I tell them to stay off the scale.

I showed them these pictures:

I then heard…”Oh my god Courtney, you were fat!”

Again, not really. There is just a measly two pound difference in my before/after picture.

My before picture:

Sugary Cereal (maybe a few cookies) -Breakfast
Diet Dr Pepper- Snack
Bagel + Cream Cheese – Lunch
M&Ms/Candy Bar- Snack
Homemade Dinner/To Go Food- Dinner

20 Minute Elliptical
15 Minutes of “Strength” Training meaning grabbing 5lb dumbbells and doing a few curls, etc.

My after picture:

I eat WAY more! Feel fuller and feel better

Eggs/Oatmeal/Fruit- Breakfast
Peanut Butter/Fruit-Snack
Protein/Vegetable/Complex Carb- Lunch
Protein Shake- Snack
Protein/Vegetable- Dinner

I avoid eating out.
I avoid sodas.
I avoid processed foods.
I do not eat white rice/breads.
I plan my cheat meals.

I still get my vices in, don’t you worry of chocolate + wine, but I enjoy them more when I earn them after a great week of eating right & exercising.

Believe it or not, I still exercise around 35-40 minutes. I move quickly through circuits, resting very little and keep track of my weights/exercises I have planned before walking into the gym.

A personal trainer or group fitness instructor truly can be a life saver! They plan the workouts for you!

I never weigh myself. The scale to me really is just a number, I go by the way my pants fit and how I feel overall.

Even though the picture shows just 2lbs lost, it feels like 20+ to me.