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Goal Setting At It’s Finest…

If you were to ask me, what makes Grit Fit & Wellness/Boot Camp Challenge different from other programs, I would say lots of things! 

Pre/Post Assessments
Nutritional Guidance
Invested Trainers
Lots of laughs
Never a repeated workout
Great workout family
Goal Setting

However, setting goals…BIG, realistic, life changing goals. That is what makes us great. 

I asked one of my campers if I could share not only her goal, but how she plans on reaching it.

Together, we hit every aspect of achieving a goal. 

Time Based


This year I want to find a healthier alternative to dealing with my emotions rather then eating. 

1. Writing in my food journal how I am feeling along with what I am eating so I can physically see what I eat when I feel bad vs. Good.

2. Bringing workout clothes to work and going on my lunch or right after work to do at least 20 minutes of jump roping to get my endorphins up and not want to turn to food.

3. Leaning on my friends and fellow goal seekers on bootcamp for support. 

Goal number 2 .
I want to be a size 5 jeans by summer.

1. Food journal 5 or 7 days
2. Stick to my first goal and use the support I have
3. Work out 5 to 6 days a week.

And my fitness goal is to do 100 double unders by summer.

Continue to follow goals 1 and 2 and jump rope at least 20 minutes a day.

And I can say with a great deal of certainty, she will hit her goal.