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How do I know what gym is right for me? 5 Signs You Picked the Wrong Gym

As a fitness professional, the one thing I notice on a continual basis is the number of gyms or fitness facilities in every town. There are a lot! And just when you think you know all them, another one pops up!

With a plethora of options out there, how do you know if you picked the right gym?

After visiting gyms all across the country, I realized there are 5 BIG time warning signs that you should walk out that door and never go back.

  1. The staff does not know your name OR even ask your name!

    Yes, I have actually been to a gym for the first time and the trainer did not even ask my name. Two things crossed my mind 1) he did not care to know my name, he had his own thing going on 2) he was collecting his paycheck with a full class whether he asked my name or not. Ever go to a gym for an entire week with the same trainer and still not acknowledgement of your name? Yep. I have been there too.

  2. There is no warm-up or cool down.

    How? Why? Do not get my wrong, I love getting in and getting out of workouts, but all of our workouts are an hour long for a reason. Nothing scares me more than walking in the door and jumping right into any exercise full strength.

    6-8 minutes Warm-Up
    40-45 minutes Workout
    6-8 minutes Cool Down & Stretching

    Just do it.

  3. The owners or trainers are never there.

    You want help or have questions outside of class. I have been there. Drive by at 11AM. No one is there. I drive by again at 3PM. Still no one there.As a trainer, I feel my job is even more important OUTSIDE of class. The more available I am to my clients, the more successful they will be…and that is what I care the most about, their success!

  4. Classes run past the scheduled end time.

    MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE! Nothing makes my blood boil like a class scheduled to end at 10AM and we are still working out with no end in sigh at 10:09AM.As a trainer at Grit Fitness & Wellness, I know your days are jammed packed with t-ball, meetings, work, grocery shopping, making dinner…I will get you out on time. End of story.

    Respect my time. Respect your time.

  5. No one smiles.

    I get it. I need to be tough and tenacious during these workouts, but is the trainer ever going to smile? Do they enjoy their job?Yes working out can be hard, but there is no reason it cannot be fun or at least a point in the workout that makes you smile.

    I’m funny. Really! And I truly enjoy every aspect of my job which means I am all smiles during our workouts {even when you’re doing something you’re not suppose to or not listening}