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Temptation is Everywhere

The song sings…”It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

As a trainer, it’s the scariest time of year, starting with Halloween and ending around New Year’s when individuals ask themselves as they step on the scale, “What just happened?!”. 

I know what happened. 

Temptation, temptation and more temptation. 

This week I had my clients and boot campers go away from actually logging what they ate, but logging what they did NOT eat. 

What temptations do you come across in a week? 

Here are just a few:

Temptation Journal #1
Fri Candy coated pretzels at target. Put them back. Begrudgingly
Fri night-turned down adult drinks and seconds at terry and brads. Settled for slices of caramel apple….
Saturday-kept driving instead of going to sonic for a blast
Sat-vendor food at event. Seriously?? Philly cheese steak. Sigh. Had a sushi roll instead.

Sunday-Halloween candy, movie popcorn and coke, more candy. and pecan pie. My favorite. Pretty sure I’m being set up by the boyfriend……
Mon-regular coke and lunch with some of the staff. It’s easier to eat right if I just don’t go.
Wed-Chinese takeout. Cause it would be so much easier than cooking. Made a Boarshead Everoast chicken sandwich on flat bread with avocado instead. Best. Sandwich. Ever!!
Fri-resisted punching the girl coming around to all the offices with doughnuts in the face. I REALLY wanted a doughnut.
Halloween night-gave out snickers, twix, Reese’s. Didn’t even THINK about eating them after the mornings workout.

Temptation Journal #2

Make a cake
Candy corn

And then there were pictures:

I’m exhausted just looking through these pictures and journals. 

What can we do?

Practice Willpower

Willpower is like a bicep, the more reps with a dumbbell, the bigger the bicep gets. The more you practice saying, “no”, the easier it is to say and the more those around you will realize you are serious about your health. 


Proper planning is key. We typically fall victim to temptation due to not being full on good food. Think about it. You are hungry and in a hurry…why not have some Halloween Candy. If we plan meals/snacks, our full stomachs help combat temptation. 


Someone holding you accountable such a trainer, friend or significant other who supports you and your goals during the holiday seasons will help you hold strong in face of your biggest temptation. 

We survived Halloween. Now bring on Thanksgiving & Holiday Parties!