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It Takes A Village

I looked down while running a boot camp a few weeks ago & noticed these two:

I immediately snapped a picture of Tracey and a fellow boot camper’s baby. 

This picture manifests everything I am about, everything my business stands for and ultimately why I love my job as much as I do. 

You see, life is hard. Everyone can agree. Relationships, careers, kids &  money. I got a little overwhelmed just typing it. And then I think about this picture.

The little baby girl in the picture is Karley. Her teeny tiny mother, Belinda, (not pictured) is a beast in my mid-morning boot camp. Her mom does not need to lose weight. Her diet is spot on and she knows how to exercise on her own. Karley is a little over a year old and suffers 8-10 seizures a day. After multiple brain surgeries, they are not sure if they can fix it. Why does Belinda work out? Well, she workouts to get away and to de-stress, but I do not think she realized she would uncover this “village” of support from her workout group. From babysitters & playdates to gifts for no reason, they have taken Karley on as their own. 

Karley started to fuss in the picture while her mom was running. Tracey stepped right in to make her smile, even during a side plank! (well done Tracey!) 

I love the unwavering amount of support in all of my classes. These individuals do an amazing job not only motivating one another, but man, they motivate me as well. I want the best for them…the best workouts, the best information, & the best support in the world.The only way to get better is to surround yourself with people who believe in you.
Working out = Not Easy
Life = Not Easy

Sometimes it takes a village of people to survive…and this is my village.