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Guest Blogger: Takes 4 Weeks…right?

Emily Jones will be a Guest Blogger during our 8 Week Go Commando Race Training Program that prepares individuals to run a 5K, 10K or Half-Marathon. The program will consist of 2x a week of the Nationally Recognized Boot Camp Challenge workouts in addition to group runs on Saturday mornings.  
Emily will be participating in the 10K on October 18th and sharing her workout and training experience here.

Week 4
This week, I received my first, much anticipated food journal feedback.  Thankfully, Courtney didn’t tear it to shreds for my poor choices (soda anyone?), but instead provided very practical suggestions for improvement.  Protein at every meal and more calories at breakfast were my two biggest takeaways that I began to implement immediately.  One huge difference is how hungry I am in the mornings now, which is completely foreign to me.  Light dinner, wake up hungry, larger breakfast?   Who knew?  Oh wait – those fit, thin people know!
I also received my very first (and much anticipated!) compliments this week on outward, visible changes, and they weren’t all from the husband.  Who doesn’t love that more than a grande pumpkin spice latte with whip and a cream cheese muffin?
Tuesday and Thursday boot camp classes were led by Mandy this week who kept us on our toes with a game of “as many reps as possible”.  The team with the highest average won a prize.  One guess which team didn’t have the highest average, but there are no losers with a great workout, right?
Saturday was my last long run with Brandy before the half marathon I’m running in Nashville this weekend.  We completed 6 miles at the Greenway at 6:00am and needed head lamps (and our heads examined) to start before sunrise.  Brandy provided tips and suggestions for a successful race and plenty of what not to dos, based on her past race experiences.
Week 4 of Boot Camp Challenge is in the books!  Here’s to more compliments, bigger breakfasts, 4 weeks until Go Commando, and more compliments.