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“We can become the masters of our own destinies by practicing self-discipline and by setting worthy goals” –  M. Russell Ballard

The discussion of children and “crying it out” came up the other day while training a client.  When RLP was born, I decided right away, that although I hated to hear her cry, I wanted her to learn to sleep in her crib. I simply placed her in her crib, set a timer, and waited see if she fell asleep.

And she did.

It was difficult at first (huge understatement). I wanted to grab that sweet baby and put her in bed with me, but each night got easier.

My client looked at me and said, “You are way too disciplined”

I have not stopped thinking about that word since our conversation. As a child, growing up, I always thought of the word defined here:

the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

As I got older and into personal training, I immediately think of this definition:

the controlled behavior resulting from discipline.


It’s why I set my alarm at 6AM on Sunday, my only day to sleep in with my family. However, it’s my only real day to get in more than 30 minutes at the gym.

It’s why I really do enjoy that protein shake while my significant other eats pizza.

It’s why I muster up the energy to grill chicken or make an omelet when I am just down right “too tired” to cook.

I love sleep.

I love pizza.

And I really do not need to cook.

However, my long term goals…my purpose of staying fit, maintaining my current body fat %, and let’s face it, just being a fitness badass trump all of the above.

Motivation is when you see a picture of either your old self or a fitness model and you say, “I want to look like that!” so  I am going to start working out, eating right…

Discipline is used when that motivation decides to disappear. And it will.

Motivation comes in waves, discipline helps us stay the course.

 When you know your goals, really know them, and want them more than that extra hour of sleep or a few pieces of pizza, that is when you will become successful in your fitness and wellness journey.

Use pictures.

Recite quotes.

Write your goals in a place you see every.single.day.

So when that motivation decides to leave you on a Monday morning at 5AM, when you swore up and down that you were going to start today, you’ll have those reminders, those reasons or that purpose that will beat out those daily excuses.