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Case of the Mondays

Feel in the blank:

This week has been ______

The answer I have heard several times? BLAH. On a rare May week, the sun did not shine most of the week. Instead we had gloomy, rainy days.

I pride myself on being the motivator…the cheerleader…the happy go lucky trainer. Believe it or not, I struggled the beginning of this week as well. Trainers need motivation too. We need it daily.

Then I remembered to stay up to date on those things that keep me on track and that motivate me to keep moving forward, especially during those “blah” weeks. These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Podcasts 
Lewis Howes “School of Greatness” is one I listen to religiously. His guests are inspiring and uplifting and even on the “blah-ess” days, I find motivation.
Go ahead and try not to be motivated by this episode: http://lewishowes.com/podcast/eric-thomas/
Ted Talk Podcast
Fear, Success, Education, Life…you name it. They talk about it. 
  • Daily Motivating Emails
Monday-Friday, NY Times Bestseller, Darren Hardy sends out a 2-3 minute video + journaling exercises. It immediately starts my day off on the right foot and takes less than 5 minutes. 
  • Workout
No workout is too big or too small during a “blah” week. Cannot make it to the gym. I have been there and these 3 exercises instantly get the endorphins going. 
25 Push-Ups
25 Squats
25 V-Ups
  • Gratitude
Feeling blah? Take out of piece of paper (yes, now!) and write down 7 things are you thankful right now in this moment. Feel blah again tomorrow? Do the same thing. 
  • Act of Kindness
Ironically, the bible verse from my devotional last night- “It is more blessed (makes one happier & more to be envied) to give than to receive”- Acts 20:35
I have now learned that we do not even know what happy is until we forget about ourselves and start focusing on others. Try a random act of kindness today….bake cookies for a neighbor, pay for the person behind you at Starbucks. 
I hope just one of the motivating items I listed above turns your not-so-great week into something better. Remember, your energy is contagious.