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Bring on April!

March… One of my favorite times of year here in Clarksville. Here are just a few of the many reasons why…

1) Weather.
You get a little bit of everything. Who doesn’t love sweater weather one day and tank top weather the next? I love a good mix-up! Really keeps me on my toes each morning. For example, we ended last month with a snow apocalypse where everything pretty much shut down for a week and then followed it up with the some of the most beautiful days of the year so far. Like I said, there is always a few 60 degree days mixed in that really allow me to use all of my closet within the same month. And let’s not forget about the threat of tornadoes!! There was a day during March where I picked up my second grader from school 3 hours early due to the risk of severe storms, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds… Three more hours together we wouldn’t have had before – I can’t complain about quality time! 💛
I also don’t want to forget about all of the gorgeous plants that are starting to bloom! They make my eyes and nose feel some type of way no other month can. 💛

2) Spring Break 
The week is argueably one of the best times of the whole month, maybe even the whole year depending on who you ask. (ask Ryann!) My daughter will be out of school for Spring Break – for a whole WEEK! Do you remember how exciting Spring Break was when you were young?? The opportunity to do fun things with your family, the endless craft projects, and mostly the lack of school you are forced to attend. There is nothing like a jumbled schedule to keep us on our toes! Not to mention the people out of town who are posting beach pictures to show us what a great time they are having. My creative seven year old daughter will definitely find ways to add to the excitement of this month, though I am not sure even she can top it. (Only kidding.. Her creativty and imagination is something I envy!)  

3) The best part of the month?!
Daylight Savings. The time of year where we are expected to Spring Forward without thinking twice! (Did anyone actually change any clocks this time? Other than your microwave…) All while simultaneously losing an hour of sleep and having to pretend it didn’t matter on our ability to get things done or affect the schedules our body are used to following each day. But, who doesn’t love a little adversity?? Nothing we can’t handle! The fact that we have to power through the day on less sleep just makes me stronger, to put it simply. I had less time in the day to do things, therefore I had to work harder to accomplish tasks – and again, I am feeling stronger because of it. You read that right, stronger because of it. (say it in your best Britney Spears voice… STRONGER.) Definitely not feeling more tired or worn out or unmotivated, nope, not me. I love growing stronger and I love a good challenge – March fulfills both of those. Lucky me! ….and lucky YOU! Amirite? March is really all about good luck. 💛💛 Anyone find one of those four leaf clovers this year?? 🍀

Also… did y’all know this month has 31 whole days?? This month feels like a plank after a long day in the gym – never ending. 

Anyways…. March was hard. 

March can kick rocks. 

Everyone did great.  

Bring on April!