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January = Survived ✅

I’ll never forget a year ago at this time, my then 6 year old daughter looked at me and said…

“Thank goodness January is over. It was like the longest month ever”.
Ain’t that the truth. 

The days are long. The weather is cold. The holidays are over. So why in the world do we come in guns blazing each year, setting all kinds of outrageous “New Year, New Me” Resolutions. And to make it worse, we beat ourselves up because we didn’t reach this far-fetched goal. 

If January is all about surviving, then February is confession time. 
Say it outloud for me:

I need help. 

Where should you start? 


One of my favorite quotes lately: “We get what we measure”. 
What does this mean? If you want something, you must find a way to record your progress whether its exercise, weight, body fat etc.

Last month, we had one of our partners, Nutrition Faktory come in and do InBody Scans. Many of you shied away and a few of you came up to me later and mentioned that you should have done it so you would know. 

Well you get another chance! They will be back on Saturday, February 6th.
Each and every single one of our trainers also offers consultations where they will test your body fat, assess your body movements and overall strength. And the absolute best part? 


We will be here for you every step of the way. So if you need help in goal setting and to get back on track after failing miserably in January, ask us. We would love the opportunity to help you not only set your goals, but to reach them as well.